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Glasgow Anywhere Desktop

This is a service that allows you to access a Windows system located on campus from a web browser (or RDP client software). The official page describes what it can do and how to connect. This page gives some additional notes (in particular how to configure the RDP client, which is not very obvious from the University documentation).

To connect via a browser use the following link (if this doesn't work check the official page):


Use your University email address and GUID password to log in. Then choose a particular Windows 'image' to use (for us this would usually be the COSE Desktop). A notice should pop up asking what local resources the remote computer can access - you probably want Clipboard at least for easy copying and pasting of things between the local and remote systems.

You will then have to enter your credentials again. Again use your email and GUID password (although the other form of the username CAMPUS\ab12x also works).

Notes about the Anywhere Desktop §

Using RDP clients §

This requires a bit more setup and is discouraged by the official instructions. One reason to use the client is if you want to have video and audio passthrough to the remote system (e.g. you wanted to use Zoom or Teams in the remote system, for whatever reason).

You need the new-style RDP client from Microsoft. See the Remote Desktop page for notes on installing this.

Once this is installed, choose + Add at the top right of the window, and select Workspaces in the drop-down menu.

RDP client Add menu

In the resulting page enter your email address in the Email or Workspace URL box. After some searching it should announce that Workspaces have been found at https://rdweb.wvd.microsoft.com/api/arm/feeddiscovery. Once this happens click Subscribe (bottom of the window).

You should now have a list of Windows systems similar to the browser login route. Click on one of them (say COSE Desktop). This should then ask you to choose a login account.

It doesn't use any accounts you may have configured in the settings for individual PC connections - it seems to be a separate list.

You can choose ask me every time, or click the + to and an account. This, again, can be your email address, or the CAMPUS/ab12x style - whatever you prefer. If you leave the password blank it will ask you every time.

The logon then proceeds like any other logon to a remote windows system using the (new-style) RDP client. See the RDP notes for more details.

To unsubscribe from the workspace click on any of the ... buttons in the list:

RDP client Workspaces list options

and choose Unsubscribe. This unsubscribes you from all the Workspaces.