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Migrating ‘school unix’ accounts (2019 July 31)

We plan to transfer ‘school unix’ accounts from our current ‘legacy’ system to a new more supportable system. In the process, we want to filter out a number of now-derelict accounts, some of which are using non-trivial amounts of disk space.


You need to take action in response to this call if:

which you wish to preserve.

You do not need to take any action:

Note: most undergraduate and masters students will have a GUID-based account automatically, so will probably not need to have one migrated from a pre-existing account. If an undergrad ‘legacy’ account needs to have content migrated, perhaps a hangover from a past masters project, then talk to Norman separately.

We do not plan to delete the old accounts immediately, so accounts can be migrated at some point in the future, if that becomes necessary.

To see if an account is already in the new system, look at the identity service page.

To request the migration of an account, go to the migration page.