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Rationalising email aliases (2016 December 2)

Thank you, everyone, for your forbearance during the recent reorganisation of the email aliases on the school mail system – that is, the @physics.gla.ac.uk addresses (the @astro.gla.ac.uk system and addresses have not so far been touched).

The aliases are/were a set of ‘friendly’ aliases which were advertised to replace the sometimes cryptic, or too-informal, usernames on the school unix system. For example, my username on that system is norman, and the address n.gray@physics.gla.ac.uk redirected to this underlying account.

Winnowing this system of aliases was long overdue, recalling that the University nominally moved all addresses to the @glasgow.ac.uk domain about five years ago. A large fraction of these @physics.gla.ac.uk email aliases were effectively defunct, and now mostly gathering spam. But not all – quite a few people still receive email at those addresses, mostly because they are signed up to services or lists using these addresses, and it is hard to change this.

After a certain amount of to-and-fro, I believe we have now cut down the list of active aliases to only those people who positively wish to continue to use them. If you test this, by sending email to yourself at your @physics.gla.ac.uk address, and it bounces, but you still wish to use this address, let me know.