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Linux lab 220a

There is a small cluster of Linux machines in lab 220a.

You can log in to these machines using your single signon ID. They share the same home space as brutha.

The machines have a generally stock CentOS install, with the development tools installed.

The software on these machines is generally the same as on brutha – C and other development tools, Python3 and LaTeX. The acceptable use policy is the same, too.

There is ‘scratch’ space on these machines, in the directory /local/scratch. Feel free to create a directory with your username here (mkdir /local/scratch/1234567x), if it is useful to store large files temporarily (your quota on the home space on these machines is the same as on brutha, and can be checked at the SSO identity page, but there is no quota on scratch space).

Note that this is scratch space, and it will be wiped without warning, on an unpredictable basis, whenever it gets too full.