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The school hosts a JupyterHub notebook server, at jupyter.physics.gla.ac.uk. You can log on to this using your GUID, if you have previously enrolled in the P&A ‘single signon’ system (check here, and self-enrol if necessary).

Jupyter is (amongst other things) a way of supporting undergraduate use of the programming language Python within P&A labs. You will be supported in this use within labs.

Note: the JupyterHub machine is rebooted every Saturday AT 4am for maintenance. If you are logged on on ssh, you will receive warnings about this from about 03:30, but will be logged off at reboot time. If you are logged on using JupyterHub, however, you will be unceremoniously dumped off of the machine (at present – we hope to improve the experience here when time permits).

Jupyter runs on the brutha machines, and the same general rules apply. In particular:

There is a limit to how much disk space you have on JupyterHub – your disk quota. When you run out of space, however, you get a rather unhelpful error message describing an apparent server failure. See the quota notes for more information.

There are some additional notes for staff users of JupyterHub.

Issues §

If you are encountering and "odd" behaviours while trying to access Jupyter, the first step we recommend is to clear the browser cache for jupyter.physics.gla.ac.uk. Detailed instructions for the most common browsers are available.

If you have exceeded your storage quota, this will prevent you from being able to log in. You can confirm your quota by accessing the SSO information page with your GUID and password. Under 'Brutha information', you will find a section showing your quota usage. If you are over the limit, we can temporarily increase this, but the issue will return if action isn't taken to reduce quota usage.

When issues persist, please reach out to P&A IT Support detailing where possible: