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The school hosts a JupyterHub notebook server, at jupyter.physics.gla.ac.uk. You can log on to this using your GUID, if you have previously enrolled in the P&A ‘single signon’ system (check here, and self-enrol if necessary).

Jupyter is (amongst other things) a way of supporting undergraduate use of the programming language Python within P&A labs. You will be supported in this use within labs.

Note: the JupyterHub machine is rebooted every Friday AT midnight for maintenance. If you are logged on on ssh, you will receive warnings about this from about 23:30, but will be logged off at reboot time. If you are logged on using JupyterHub, however, you will be unceremoniously dumped off of the machine (at present – we hope to improve the experience here when time permits).

Jupyter runs on the brutha machine, and the same general rules apply. In particular:

There are some additional notes for staff users of JupyterHub.