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Mathematica is the computer algebra language from Wolfram. Download Mathematica from the school download site.

There is a different licensing procedure depending on whether you are using this on an on-campus desktop, or on a laptop.

If you are using it on campus, as staff or student, then you can use the university's campus-wide licences. When you install Mathematica, you will have an opportunity to provide a licence file. The location of this file will vary depending on the platform, but for example on Linux it is in /usr/local/Wolfram/Mathematica/9.0/Configuration/Licensing/mathpass, and on Windows it should be a file configuration\licensing in your Mathematica install root folder. Create the file mathpass with the contents


This should be enough to allow Mathematica to contact the campus licence servers. You may need to adapt these instructions slightly depending on the platform and version, but the above is the essential information you need to communicate to Mathematica, somehow.

Alternatively, and possibly better if you're working from home, at least some Mathematica versions allow you to license the software using the campus SSO (ie, using your @glasgow.ac.uk email address).

For a laptop, it may be appropriate to use a node-locked licence. Email Ian Anthony, mentioning your platform (Linux, Windows, macOS), the Mathematica version number you have downloaded, and your MAC address. If you are an honours students who requires a copy of Mathematica for an honours project, you should email Ian Anthony with the above information, copying your project supervisor.