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The gfortran compiler (part of the GNU Compiler Collection, GCC) is not always installed on machines by default, but can be added on request, if it's missing.

The Intel Fortran compiler is available on some machines (currently only astro machines, but let us know if it would be useful elsewhere). The Intel compiler is now based on the (open-source) LLVM back-end. To use this

% source /opt/intel/oneapi/setvars.sh

after which ifx should be in your path. For more details, see ifx -h and man ifx, or (more helpfully) the Intel getting started guide.

Absoft Fortran §

The astronomy group has a licence for the Absoft Fortran compiler, however Absoft appears to have gone out of business. The software is still installed – instructions below – but it would be wise not to depend on it still working in future.

This is available on the astronomy machines (that is *.astro.gla.ac.uk machines), and to use it, you should add the following to your .bashrc:

export ABSOFT
if ! echo "${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}" | grep -q $ABSOFT/shlib64 ; then

and/or .cshrc if applicable:

setenv ABSOFT /opt/absoft14.0
set path = ( $ABSOFT/bin $path )
if ("1" == "$?LD_LIBRARY_PATH") then
  setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${ABSOFT}/shlib64:${ABSOFT}/shlib:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}
  setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${ABSOFT}/shlib64:${ABSOFT}/shlib

After that, the commands af77, af90 and af95 are available. See man af90 (etc) for details. This also provides f77, f90 and f95 as aliases for these commands.

If any problems arise, such as missing libraries on a machine, send an e-mail to phas-it@glasgow.ac.uk with the issue(s) encountered.