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Computer accounts in P&A

There are several distinct login accounts that you might encounter within the school – ie, various sets of username/password combinations.

Campus GUID §

The ‘Glasgow Unique Identifier’, GUID, is a campus-wide unique identifier for you, which gives you access to various systems across campus and within the school. These accounts are not managed by P&A.

These identifiers look like ab123x for staff, where the ab is formed from the user's initials, or 1234567x for students, where the 1234567 is the student's ‘registration number’ (or ‘matriculation number’ if you choose to be a bit old-fashioned about it).

P&A ‘Single Signon’ accounts §

The school has a directory of ‘local’ acconts, which are used, by both staff and students, for access to computing resources within the school.

A lot of these local accounts share the name and password of the GUID account (ie, you don't have to care about the difference), but there also a number of non-GUID accounts in here, typically with rather friendlier names, like fred.

These accounts are most visible for the school Jupyter service, or for some research-group computing systems including Astronomy, PPT, and IGR.

There are more details on the Single Signon page, and you can see some information about your own account at the SSO identity page.

School Windows account §

This is also sometimes referred to as the ‘GUPHYSICS’ account.

This is an account on the school's internal Windows domain controller. It gives access to various administrative systems, plus the GUPHYSICS WiFi network which is being progressively replaced by the Eduroam network.

These accounts are looked after by Ian Anthony: contact P&A IT or your RG IT support for access, or to manage your password.

Other systems §

PPE, Nuclear and IGR each manage separate group-specific sets of accounts. If you need access to one of those, talk to your research-group IT support.